Make Jacob’s presentation the highlight of your event

Why hire Jacob for a speaking engagement?

With Jacob, no two presentations are the same. Every engagement is customized and diligently researched to deliver a new or different perspective that every attendee can apply to their businesses and their lives.

  • “l want an unconventional thinker who can ask questions about the world and our market that attendees have never even considered.”
  • “l need a high-level analysis of what could happen in the world over the next five years,”
  • “Attendees at my event need deeper market insights to better inform their decision-making.”
  • “l want a speaker who will engage with my audience and not just parachute in for a speech, then head straight to the airport.”


Jacob’s expertise in global and regional politics, history, economics, data analysis, and current events leaves him positioned to offer a unique perspective on any topic. He tackles visceral, emotional issues with direct, dispassionate analysis to deliver points of view that challenge audiences to think differently.

He frequently speaks about wealth management and investment decision-making, food and agriculture, energy, supply chain, geopolitics, and more.


Collaboration: Jacob works with organizers throughout the event-planning process to identify the topics most relevant to their audiences, however broad or specific they may be.

Relevance: Jacob’s approach reflects reality: The world is in a constant state of change. Jacob evolves his presentations to account for events down to the day and hour to maximize his presentation’s relevance to every audience.

Engagement: Hire Jacob for your full event programming, whether it’s a VIP reception, an event-wide dinner, or one-on-one sessions with attendees.


Organizers and attendees at Jacob’s presentations have described him as objective, funny, knowledgeable, down to earth, and optimistic.

His combination of approachability, impartiality, and willingness to challenge common perceptions—with more than a little dash of humor and optimism—has proven to deliver event-defining sessions that leave audiences wanting more.

“The Northern Crops Institute wanted to get a top of the line speaker and analyst in relation to geopolitics to headline our first ever ‘The Next 5 Years’ conference. The conference was designed to bring together the top leaders in agriculture, business, and government across the upper Midwest. Jacob Shapiro came highly recommended, and he did not disappoint. The audience was blown away by his insights, humor, and great presentation style. Jacob has a gift for making the complex seem simple.”


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Upcoming speaking engagements

USSEC 2024 Americas Agricultural Cooperators Conference | June 12-14 | Bogota, Colombia
Northern Crops Institute Next Five Years | Sept. 4-5 | Fargo, ND
FCCS 2024 Director Leadership Conference | Nov. 21 | San Diego, CA
GPS Dairy Consulting Conference | Dec. 4-5 | Minneapolis, MN
Western Pulse Growers Association | Dec. 10-11 | Moscow, ID
AAPEX | Jan. 29-30 | Coral Gables, FL
Northern Corn and Soybean Expo | Feb. 4 | Fargo, ND

Watch Jacob present

Unscripted Q&As and in-depth audience discussions are often the highlight of Jacob’s sessions.